The University of UVM is among the top universities in Mexico that serves over 1200 students on a 7000 m2 campus with public areas. As students and teachers that work together to drive learning and achievement in the classroom, they need a simple and reliable technology infrastructure that offers a hassle-free access to the digital engagement in campus life.

UVM has 4 major buildings located in the main campus. According to Luis Ruiz, network administrator for UVM campus, the existing wireless network was not providing the reliable connectivity required to support the 90 printers, computers, and laptops connected to the network.

In today’s educational environment, providing faculty and students with real-time access to Internet-based resources is as important as access to textbooks. The inability to access online resources reliably, and without delays caused by bandwidth restrictions, can negatively impact the effectiveness of classroom learning.

With nearly 170 devices accessing the network during the school day, not including the various smartphones and other miscellaneous devices belonging to faculty, staff, and students, a reliable, high-density network would be critical.

Mr. Ruiz want to find a new wireless network solution for the university to be able to support high-density client environment, easy to deploy and manage and also to be able to have multiple SSIDs so It could have students on one network and faculty on another, additionally the wireless APs must provide backup to fiber links between buildings.

After contacting Siselectron, Mr. Ruiz spoke with Siselectron’s system distributor, who recommend him to install the SWM 3530 to provide connectivity between buildings with its 5GHz radio and at the same time provide wireless service to public areas with the 2.4 GHz radio.

Indoor solution was based on four SWE 2520 per level. Each AP advertises three SSID in separate vlans in order to avoid broadcast storms. Additionally, in order to avoid one single user can use high bandwidth consumption, the APs were enable with the traffic shaping feature.

According to Ruiz, the SWM Series Wireless Solution installed quickly and easily. “The competitor’s products were not user-friendly when it came to configuring the APs, whereas the Siselectron system was really easy.”

Since the deployment, UVM has seen over 30-40% increase in the number of connections. There has also been a huge improvement in reliability and coverage. With students declaring that Wi-Fi is the most important infrastructure service, UVM is happy with the Siselectron technology.

"Since the Siselectron deployment, we have higher capacity and capability and the students are now enjoying the service we are providing", comments Ruiz.

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